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We’ve rec’d bad news last night (Sunday evening). Ian got a call from his Mum that his Dad had passed away that evening and he was in the hospice in the last few months. He never tried to get in touch, but Ian wanted to make contact and had been trying to call his father at his home, but no one ever picked up the phone….had already told him the Vet’s club as he was ALWAYs there….but now its a bit too late and Ian is taking it hard, even though he lost contact about 3 yrs back, but he always maintained contact or tried to. He’s gone now and let judgement day be his reckoning….I feel bad for Ian, but am happy that he is gone and the God make his amends to the life led and to those loved ones he has hurt. He was divorced from Ian’s Mum and remarried 2x and father a daughter by his 3rd and he has not once made an effort to keep in contact with any of his children. He had 3 boys from Ian’s Mum and 2 of them wanted nothing to do with him and changed their name to their stepdad. How sad is that! Ian is only one who tried to make contact, but it was always a one way street…..we’ve invited him numerous times while we were still living in the UK, but he always had excuses or he was needed at the pub…..Am glad he’s gone and let the Lord make his own judgement on him…..He left behind a Sister, 3 sons, 1 daughter and 5 grandsons.

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