Fil-Canadian actress stars in The Time Traveler’s Wife

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WOW! this just get’s better as each research, I stumble across things that makes me say…ooohhhhh…aaaaahhh…this article found in Good News Pilipina – its another Filipina-Canadian that stars in the film “The Time Traveler’s Wife”  I hope you enjoy reading it and I’m proud to be a Filipina.  :)

jane_mcleanThe star of Filipino-Canadian actress Jane McLean in Hollywood is starting to shine. She currently stars in the love story “The Time Travelers Wife,” with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. In the film, Jane plays Charisse, the best friend of Rachel McAdams’ character.

On her role in “Time Traveler’s…,” she said she auditioned twice for the director, Robert Schwentke. I was told he wanted to make sure the first audition wasn’t a fluke. Funny, I had purchased the book about two years prior to the film opportunity presenting itself. But because I have a habit of buying six books at once, combined with being a moody reader, I had not planned to pick up the book until the film opportunity came up … as soon as I was hired, I read the book in three days and fell in love with it!

When she joined the cast she said there was instant chemistry with Rachel, Eric Bana and Ron Livingston. “They were wonderful! I have always been a fan of both Eric and Ron’s work. And it’s always nice to work with men who are easy on the eyes! Also, I’m a huge fan of “Sex and the City” so it was a thrill to work with Ron-although I had to remind myself several times to not to call him “Berger.” Jane said.

Her next film project is a comedy entitled “Running Mates,” wherein she co-stars with Henry Winkler and DJ Qualls. It’s from the creators of “Hank & Mike.” I’m thrilled to be playing the role of Ronnie, a sassy Filipina heiress with big political aspirations,” she said.

She was born in the Philippines and was barely a year old when she and her family moved to Toronto, Canada. And in her pursuit to become a successful actress, Jane moved to LA to actively pursue a show biz career.

I’m a very proud Filipino. My parents raised us speaking Filipino, cooking Filipino and singing Filipino. I love hosting big Filipino feasts for my friends. My parents were born in Manila and still have a home in Quezon City.

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