Get a Jump on Spring Allergy Season!

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Here are some suggestions on how to get ready for the allergy seasons. Take control, don’t let the allergies get you down or control YOU!! ENJOY!  Thank you to REAL AGE for providing this article for us!

Get a Jump on Spring Allergy Season
Spring is in the air. And so is pollen. Not a good time if you suffer from seasonal allergies.  If you have year-round allergies, this time of year you can add pollen and outdoor mold to the list of triggers (e.g., dust mites and pet dander) that can stir up your nasal allergy symptoms. Solution: Prevent symptoms from flaring by preparing for allergy season in advance.

3-Step Seasonal Allergy Plan

Take a proactive approach to prevent — or at least minimize — your seasonal symptoms, starting with this 3-step allergy-prevention plan:

Test for triggers. If you’re not certain what triggers your nasal allergy symptoms, ask your doctor for an allergy test — even if you’ve had one before. Your triggers can change over time, so it can’t hurt to take it again. Two kinds of tests – the skin prick test and the antibody blood test — are available to help your doc more precisely pinpoint your triggers, prescribe the right medication, and help you avoid the substances that spark your symptoms.

Keep a symptom journal. If you haven’t already, start a symptom journal and note any changes — for better or worse — both prior to and during springtime allergy season. This will help you determine whether you suffer from perennial (year-round) allergies, seasonal allergies, or both. Note all the ways your allergies impact your life, including your mood, concentration, productivity, sleep, and energy levels.

Live an allergy-soothing lifestyle. It’s harder to cope with nasal allergy symptoms if you’re frequently stressed or engaged in less-than-healthy habits. Give yourself a fighting chance this allergy season by eating a nutritious and diverse diet, exercising daily, getting plenty of sleep, and using stress-management techniques.

Take Charge

Don’t let year-round or seasonal allergies control your life. Take charge, get tested, and work with your doctor to find the best medication and take better care of your overall health. 

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