Immigration – USCIS + ICE = Cooperation/Coordination

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As I was researching for articles to post on my blog, I came across an article that was published on LA WEEKEND ASIAN JOURNAL, dated July 31 – August 3, 2010.  This article talks about the Immigration processes and of “illegal aliens” vs the criminals that are waiting to be processes and eating our tax dollars while they wait.  This article was written from a lawyer – Atty. Michael Gurfinkel

In his article he stated that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) issued a memo noting that since they have limited resources, they (ICE) needed to prioritize the use of its removal/deportation resources – “to ensure that the remova?ls the agency does conduct promote the agency’s highest enforcement priorities, namely national security, public safety, and border security”.   Which means that since they have the authority to deport all illegal aliens, they would focus on criminal aliens i.e..(terrorist, convicted of crimes with outstanding criminal warrants, etc..) recent illegal entrants and aliens who are subject to final order removal.  ICE can’t put all their time and resources to go after every illegal aliens.  I do understand that for someone who has overstayed and is “out of status” is subject to removal, but come one people, there are alot of criminals and bad guys who should be the first to be processed out.. and also some of them have been in confinement for years and it’s costing us tax payers at least $125/day because the immigration courts are backlogged with “low” priority removal cases.

So what is it going to be .. keep paying $125/day for those people who are staying in jail cells and feed them while we go after those other cases who really is not any threat to our society.  That’s why ICE sent out a memo to prioritized the removals that way we don’t have to spend so much money of putting a roof over their heads and feeding them!  Why is that logic not clear enough?  Actually to put it bluntly why can’t USCIS and ICE work together and both entities to communicate?  Instead of USCIS issuing all these NTA’s to low priority cases who are not any treat or danger to our national security that is filling our courts and creating extra work for ICE?

I hope that they get those criminals or the other bad people who are here either in detention and instead of deporting/removing every alien whose case is momentarily denied.  Thank you for reading and any comments or opinions is greatly appreciated.  =)

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