Laura Taylor Whitfield

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Another Indie artist that has a great voice…like Lowvee…both of these women are talented and you have to listen to them….


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sandra chenNo GravatarAugust 31st, 2008 at 13:09

i dont think so really laurry whitfield is whiney like so many more.

sandra chenNo GravatarAugust 31st, 2008 at 14:09

i dont think so really laurry whitfield is whiney like so many more.

fanfriendNo GravatarApril 22nd, 2010 at 19:34

laura is totally real and fabulous..the real bull ..just lay it on the table real!!!

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Laura Taylor Whitfield : Forward To Somewhere
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Pure Organic Pop. An honest articulate journey, sensuous with a bit of dirt under the fingernails.
Genre: Pop: Folky Pop
Release Date: 2008
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Forward To Somewhere
Laura Taylor Whitfield
© Copyright-Laura Taylor Whitfield (796873006996)
Record Label: Laura Taylor Whitfield

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1. Forward 4:04 $0.99
2. Atlantis 2:53 $0.99
3. Dream 3:38 $0.99
4. Supernatural 5:21 $0.99
5. Soldier 5:40 $0.99
6. Faith 4:57 $0.99
7. Zero Ground 5:37 $0.99
8. True Forgiveness 4:14 $0.99
9. Blue Butterfly 3:56 $0.99
10. Maybe I will Learn 4:17 $0.99
11. Soul Safari 4:43 $0.99
12. Now You See 5:14 $0.99
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Album Notes

Laura Taylor Whitfield is a travel-stained singer songwriter, who has circled the globe many times over. Dreaming of balance & breaking through the veil of illusion to a place of peace. Rising out of all the unnecessary luggage that holds the fragile planet down. To help others reclaim their true inheritance is a huge part of her mission in her songs.

Laura is a truly gifted and authentic artist, a classically trained accomplished stage actress, who always quotes “a good actor plays the truth!”

This is a beautiful CD package, eye on every detail. Included is a 16 page art booklet insert with lyrics & photos.
Laura spends her free time painting everything that is not nailed down around her.

Laura Taylor Whitfield is primarily a gypsy poet, a one woman band, a real Bohemian, who tore her guitar out of its coffin and instead of penning any “You- done- me- wrong songs”,

She chose to hold & compose things in a positive light.

Joining in with a beautiful ensemble of talented souls , who planted some serious love on her in this project.
She quotes “I don’t know where life is taking me….. but I am going forward to somewhere!”

Laura Taylor Whitfield exudes peace & love on debut album

“She brought a lot of honesty to the table,” said “Forward to Somewhere” producer, Don Jaques, of Des Moines. “She writes about her own experiences, but she does it in a way that makes it universal.”

This is an album you will not regret!
Laura Taylor Whitfield is the REAL deal!
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Forward to Somewhere
author: Johnny Gray
This work is treasure for those with spiritual hope…Laura has clearly taken us “Forward to Somewhere” profound. Pure creation with deep heartfelt meaning. Each song is a stand out in itself but “SuperNatural” makes a connection to the unknown…and “Blue Butterfly” sings of cherished loss…a wonderful ensemble of song and instrumental…close your eyes and listen and it will take you somewhere you haven't been before.
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Truly Great Album
author: Days Before Television
The album 'Forward to Somewhere' is an absolute gem. Laura Taylor Whitfield is a gifted artist who deserves worldwide recognition. The lyrics and melodies are top draw. Laura is a guiding light, an inspiration to us all. Congratulations to a brilliant debut album. Highly recommended.
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absolutely essential
author: Gila Mahlberg
Why is it so hard to find songs that are shake up calls and convey a truly uplifting message? Instead so many sing about all the bad stuff of their inner and outer world and spread hopelessness, cynicism and the bad news all over the place: The human world is a mess – no way out. So here are the good news: Laura Taylor Whitfield is different! She does not avoid or deny any experience of human life but she puts it into a vast context and shows a way out of misery by expanding one's perspective and by not getting stuck but instead moving on – to somewhere. The CD includes a beautiful booklet presenting Laura's original, authentic and wise lyrics, and they alone would be worth buying “Forward to Somewhere”. Those words well from a mature soul that has travelled far and has definitely looked behind “the curtain”. The even better news are, that Laura is not only a gifted song writer, but a wonderful musician, composer and singer as well whose talent shows up in sophisticated AND heartwarming music. She is someone who knows how to go out of the way, when the spark of inspiration knocks on the doors of her mind to embrace her fully. The result is this wonderful album that seems to be coming directly from the SOURCE pouring itself into this beautiful vessel called Laura Taylor Whitfield. Congratulation! And thank you so much for going all the way and keeping up the spirit. We need many more guiding lights like you, Laura.An absolute winner! A unique voice of an angel with a blend of many influential flavours!…..

intheeyesNo GravatarMay 3rd, 2010 at 11:59

your comment is unkind and didn't your mom tell you “if you can't say something nice, just keep your mouth shut?” what is your musical background? not all tastes are alike dear, so please move on to someone else's page. you know nothing about this woman. how many songs did you listen to? could you UNDERSTAND the depth and profoundness of her lyrics and the messages and feelings she is conveying? i thinks she's brilliant, wholesome and REAL…she would never leave a comment or unkind word on your page. we need more organic souls on this earth, then, perhaps we would all be kinder, happier people; especially to one another. peace.

intheeyesNo GravatarMay 3rd, 2010 at 12:07

this songstress is REAL to the core. her profound lyrics and arrangements are thought-provoking and genuine. i have her CD and it plays all the time in my car. she's organic, versatile, sensitive and unique in every way. her music lifts me, fills my soul and touches me on the deepest level. her songs demand more than one listen, because there are layers of sounds and expressions!

EyebeeNo GravatarMay 3rd, 2010 at 16:23

Not sure what you're complaining about here? Fanfriend doesn't write anyhting bad about Laura, so what's your beef?

intheeyesNo GravatarMay 3rd, 2010 at 20:21

fanfriend should have said nothing, that's all. she should have just kept movin' on until she found something she did like…peace.

EyebeeNo GravatarMay 3rd, 2010 at 20:23

Not sure what you're complaining about here? Fanfriend doesn't write anyhting bad about Laura, so what's your beef?

intheeyesNo GravatarMay 4th, 2010 at 00:21

fanfriend should have said nothing, that's all. she should have just kept movin' on until she found something she did like…peace.

Paul StageNo GravatarDecember 15th, 2015 at 23:16

Laura Taylor Whitfield is an American treasure. Her songs inspire flight and faith while her feet are solidly grounded in reality. She is an artist of such depth and integrity. I love Forward To Somewhere.

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