Post Thanksgiving…

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Okay, we’re all stuffed to the gills, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and well spent time with family and friends.  As for me, I am too far away from family, so hubby and I spent it with a dear friend Heidi – we cooked, laughed, and just had a very quiet weekend.  We did not go for the BLACK FRIDAY as am sure there were alot of you that did…I didn’t really wanted or need anything since we really don’t have the money to splurge at all!  We were going to go camping, but at the last minute our friends up north (Florence, SC) couldn’t make it down as Donald was on call…suffice to say it was not too bad, as am sure we will be going up to see them soon and camping soon!

Heidi and I started to the 101 things in 1001 days – so I am going to set out to do what I have put on my list. I am only on #78 – but am sure I can find 101.

I will be blogging about that soon and I will keep you all posted.

Hugs! :)

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