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Just wanted to update everyone as to what has been happening….well, I am in the midst of changing my career to Real Estate. Went to Fortune Academy for Real Estate school – passed the school exam and now in the middle of waiting for my State exam. Working with an agency who is very busy that he can’t keep up and me, waiting for the test to be taken (State has to send me the slip of paper to take test) and so that I can help him out and start making some serious money. Also we have our in house Mortgage company and helping that side as well as they are busy as well…..

As you all know we bought a Condo and we are going thru that as well with the new management in place now, and now just need to get a new fresh blood on the HOA Board…as the ones we have now are useless! We know this is not a paid job, but they at least need to be proactive and communicate to the community as what we need to get the place in shape and with the vote that is very important to us! We have our official website: All homeowners are encourage to register and can post questions in the bulletin board, but again….only just a handful are active.

Adam is doing well and he is in the JV Football team for Hanahan High School and he will be in 9th grade next year. He has grown so fast, that just amazes me….he is still my little baby boy!! All are well and just trying to get the condo remodeled, and living life as it comes…..

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful Halloween!! Be careful this Friday, the 13th of October….


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