Update – 2000 hrs

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Well, its around 2000 hrs (8pm) for you non military members…its still nice and light outside, but the dusk is coming…we went for a nice walk at one of the parks here (Wannamaker Park) – had a good work out – wanted to rent some bicycle, but they don’t accept Debit or Credit Card, only cash or paper check…oh well…next time….

Walked around briskly and meet up with Hubby when he walked the other way around…then walked around again the other way…i was sweating by the time we got to Park Center, had to use the loo…that was enough and as hubby said, that was a good walk that he is thristy for a pint…so of course, we go to our fav place for happy hour…Noisy Oyster…it was quite today there and saw some regs…Leo and had oyster (this is the last of the season), wings and I had my usual shandy then sprite…Hubby had a few Palmetto Ale…then back home…finished the book i was reading that my friend and neighbor gave me…that was a good book…

First, before we went home, stop by at Walmart to pick up a few bits…bread, cheesecake, carrot cake, tomatoes, bananas and a chicken (whole cost only $2.50)!! What a bargain! When we got home, made coffee, slice some cheese cake for hubby and a cup of coffee and just chilling out the rest of the evening…

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and hopefully a nice easy week to come!!

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