My Dad

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I want to write about My Dad – Jose Jacop Reyes – as you all know I recently lost him just the beginning of this year. I’ve been in mourning and I feel that I’ve not had closure – I didn’t get to see him or even make the funeral! Life tends to be cruel at times, but I know he understands that I did my best that I could do.

Doris Dunn ReyesI’ve heard alot of stories of family passing on and the “estates” or “will” for the ones that is left behind. But I never expected it to happen to this family…but I guess we are just human after all.

Well, My Dad or as his friends called him “Pinggoy” – you know as Filipinos we always have nicknames growing up…but there were 2 Pinggoys in this family (am sure there are more) and the other Pinggoy was either a cousin or friend, but I remember Tito Ping (that was I called him) and I’ve not seen him for a very long time either. You all asked why? Well, the last time I was back home, was when I was a teenager – 17/18 yrs of age! My little sister Gigi was only 5 yrs old then…WOW.. that was a long time!! All the family made a fuss to have this festival and that I should be in it…I really didn’t care much for it, but to make them happy I oblige…not sure if my pic is still up in the beach house – which was all family run called Cabu-an – I thought it was fun and had a good time. There was other contestants, but I think my uncles made sure I won this title…I think it Jose Jacop Reyeswas the Lanzones festival…usually happens around June? My memory is so these days…but I thought that the other contestant local young ladies where prettier than I was and thought they should have won it…but it did feel good to “win”…LOL…

Okay, here is a picture of my Dad when he was a young engineer and a bachelor, now isn’t he handsome! I’m not sure if this was the time that he met my Mom – Doris Dunn Reyes