3 Hurdles to Enlightenment

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I get this newsletter once a week, this gives you insights within yourself to find peace, harmony wthin your life, career, etc..be happy.  According to Jafree Oswald the writer of this and if you click on his name it will take you to his website and you can read and or sign up to get his newsletter.  Jafree Oswald states that there are 3 hurdles to Enlightenment and they are as follows:

Hurdle #1 – Find Peace With All Your Parts – Enlightenment can happen truly only if you find peace with all of your parts.

Hurdle #2 – Embrace The Fear Of The Unknown - most of us are afraid to face what you don’t know ahead of you.

Hurdle #3 – Transcend The Loss Of Motivation And Life Purpose - once you’ve begin on this journey,, you feel like you’re nothing and this is expected but you need to motivate yourself and find purpose of what you are here for.

If you would like to receive these messages – Enlightened Beings and you can subscribe to get his emails.

I hope this will help you in getting to where you are going in your life and may your journey be a fun-filled adventure! CHEERS!

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