Army of Dude ~ Through Darkness We See ~

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I wanted to share this blog with you from a viewpoint of an Army dude.  He’s served our country proudly and tells his story.  I found this blog to be quite moving and hopefully some of you might find it interesting and informative! Army Dude is Alex Horton, Washington DC

Here’s an excerpt of the beginning of this…

As the steady flow of commuters emptied out of the subway, I stood to the side, watching down avenues of approach with my head on a swivel. Jesse’s assault pack dug into my shoulders, heavy not from grenades or textbooks, but from enough clothes for a long weekend. I decided on a whim to take a long bus ride from Washington, DC to New York for Comic-Con. Dodo had gone last year and it seemed a perfect reason to visit him in Brooklyn. It had only been a few months since he came down to Washington, but I had missed him terribly. He remains one of my closest friends from our old platoon, and seeing him released the nostalgic pressure that builds in between visits with guys from the unit….READ MORE

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