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Okay here a few corrections from my last update…the book I was reading is called “Hide” by Lisa Gardner and this is suspenseful, keeps you intrigued from the time you read the first few lines…then the twist starts to turn…you can’t put it down!!!

Next, as I said from my last input, today was going to be my first day at the new job that I just acquired. I woke pretty early and went to my 1st job and put in at least a few hours, then leave to go to the new one, when on the way there this morning (9am) I received a phone call from my “boss” and said that the girl who was going to train me, had a family emergency and will not be back until maybe Thursday…and apologized profusely and ask if it would be better to get together then. Of course, I did have my day planned out, but no worries and he will be calling me tomorrow to let me know what the agenda is…so, I went home…did a few task of Real Estate stuff and contacted a client that is looking for rental properties and happened to connect and was available to see 2 properties…off I go, to meet her and saw the 2 places we had set the appointment…then since I was at the Summerville area, I thought, well, why not go to other store and put in some hours….(the owners have 2 stores – i do their bookkeeping)…so I was there until 5pm, so it didn’t really turn out too badly.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day for me, as I am putting as many hours I can for $$ of course…until I get my schedule with the other job…in the meantime, I do try to accommodate the job I have now and I love it, the owners are wonderful and my hubby has said on many occasion that this is the first job that he has not heard me “complain” about this or that….

Well, I would like to put out that if you click here you can listen to hubby djing for a internet radio station. You need to have WinAmp or I think Windows Media Player, I have WinAmp.

Well, until then…have a wonderful “HUMP” day and talk to you then!

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