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This article was written By Andy Kryza for Thrillist

It seems that the Filipino food has finally entered into the minds and mouth of many people around the world…well around the USA. I grew up with the foods mentioned and some that I don’t know about as it depended on which area you were brought up. The Philippines consists of 7,000 islands with different dialects; I am from a tiny island called Camiguin, Island town called Mambajao – which some of you have no clue or idea as to where that is, as  most people knows the city called Manila, Iloilo and most recently a town hit by the storm called Tacloban.  There are many other places besides those you see advertise as the resort towns … But I digress, here are the 7 Dishes that you need to know:

1. Lumpia

2. Adobo

3. Pancit

4. Menudo

5. Inasal

6. Kare-Kare

7. Lechon Kawali

If you want to read more details as to the above selections – Go HERE.   When we were young, my Mom and Granda cooked all the above foods, as a kid, I didn’t care what it was called, it was comfort food for me now! I have cooked, Adobo, Pancit and Lumpia – have not tried to do the rest. The last one, my cousin is the King in Lechon! This is usually goes big when we have a party or any kind of gathering in our family. Its also an excuse to party and cook! Thank you for reading! CHEERS!!

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