Closed For Holiday/Vacation!

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We Are Closed for Vacation!! WE are away from June 18 to July 5 😀


Going On Holiday aka Vacation

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artworks-000049867652-5upzzd-original Okay, We will be away for a week or so, for our 2 weeks holiday off from work and enjoying the many sites to see around this country called England, Wales, Scotland = United Kingdom.  This time we are off to Isle of Wight, it’s a small island just off the coast of English Channel. We will be leaving here today, going to Southampton, to catch the Hovercraft to go to Isle of Wight. We will be docking at the town called Ryde/Ride and that is our base for the week… and we will be going around the island and seeing some sites, but my main purpose will be eating lots, lots of seafood!!!  We’ve found a few hole in the hole, seafood cafes that has gotten some great reviews on Trip Advisor and we are looking forward to getting this break…. now; when this post is posted we will be on our way!! WOOHOO!!

I will try to post pictures once we are back 🙂


The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Blind Audition: “Tagumpay Nating Lahat” by Reynan

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There has been many clips of kids singing from The Voice around globally. This one that I found in the FB is The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 which features some very talented kids around the Philippines Islands.  There are many talented children around the world, but none more from Philippines (okay I am just a tad bit bias  here :D).  He is singing a song that Lea Salonga sang I guess from her recordings, the title is “Tagumpay Nating Lahat” – and she is one of the judges as well.

So without further adieu, here is the clip: